Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a selection of questions you should be asking any prospective wedding photographer.

The Basics

Is Your Photographer Qualified? And Where Did They Study?

You would not trust your car to an unqualified mechanic or your health to an unqualified Doctor so please do not trust your most special of days to an unqualified photographer. Find out where they studied and to what level. I studied photography at Exeter School of Art and Plymouth University where I graduated with honours.


How Long Have You Been Working as a Wedding Photographer?

Weddings are a uniquely busy, hectic event. A photographer needs experience working at weddings to have mastered capturing all the standard shots and candid moments you will want to see while getting ready and during the ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast, speeches, first dance, cake cutting and more. It really is a non-stop event and a more experienced photographer will know exactly where to be and when. I have enjoyed working as a wedding photographer for over 10 years now and love documenting a couple’s most special of days. This doesn’t mean you can’t choose someone new to the wedding business, but know that in photography, you get what you pay for.

Do You Have My Date Available?

An obvious question, you’d think, but photographers can get booked up 12-24 months in advance! So if you can mention your date in the initial enquiry email we can pencil you in quickly. Like most wedding photographers your date is totally secured on payment of the deposit.

Have You Worked at Our Venue Before?

This is not a deal breaker, but if a photographer has worked at your venue before they will have experience of the lighting and the venue layout. They will already have scouted out where to take you off for your couple photos and the best spots to take photos when the night draws in. Over the years I have worked at many of the venues throughout Devon that cater for weddings and receptions and many that have been adapted to do so! However, as part of our workflow here at Exposure, I visit every new venue prior to the event to introduce myself to any vendors and recci the area for ideas and locations to shoot.


What Wedding Packages Do You Offer?

The general things you’ll want to know are how many hours the photographer will be with you on the day, what photos and in what form you’ll get them back, whether there’s an engagement shoot (see below for why that’s important) and if there’s a second shooter. Get in writing what is included in your package. If your budget is tight, this is the place to negotiate – it could be having the photographer for half a day only, for example, as long as you recognise you’ll get less photos for that. You can find all our wedding packages here but please feel free to mention any special requirements when you get in touch.


What Information Do You Need From Us Before the Wedding Day?

Before the day, we will need to know all the logistics, the exact time and place of your ceremony and reception, where you are getting ready and what time you’re leaving on the morning. When the speeches and cake cutting will be, what time the first dance is and any special requests for photographs, (like a set of shots over by the lake because that is where we first met for instance). The more information we have, the better. During the initial enquiry stages, the basic timeline of the day should be enough though.


Photography Style

How Would You Describe Your Photography Style?

There are three main types of photography style, briefly, they are reportage, which is candid photography and tells the story of your day; traditional, which focuses on formal, posed group photos and classic shots; and contemporary, which is more fashion-led and editorial. 

I shoot a mixture of reportage and contemporary fashion photography, this gives a perfect mix of “fly on the wall” and the “high end posed fashion photography” you see in the bridal magazines. Also as well as digital images, I also shoot at least two rolls of 35mm black and white Ilford film, on traditional Pentax reporters cameras, to give you that proper grainy traditional film look.

Will We Be Able to Give You a List of Specific Shots We’d Like?

A shot list is a list a couple gives to their photographer with the absolute must-have photos they need them to capture on the day, like a special photo with your Grandma and Grandad, or make sure you don't shoot Uncle Brian and Aunty Linda together! This is absolutely no problem at all and we actively encourage you to have as much input into your images as you want. But on the other hand if you would like us just have complete creative control so you can concentrate on other things that is also fine by us too.

Do You Offer an Engagement Shoot as Part of Your Package?

An engagement shoot is a brilliant way to get comfortable in front of the camera and get to know your photographer. You’ll get used to being directed and perfect your winning smile. If an engagement shoot isn’t included with your package, it’s worth negotiating one in or paying extra for one. We offer a free engagement shoot with our full day package or you can book one individually or as part of our other packages.

On the Day

What Time Will You Arrive at the Venue?

Get it in your contract whether your photographer will be there while you’re getting ready or they’ll meet you at the ceremony. Most couples will want the prep and journey to the venue captured as it’s such a special part of the day, but it can be cheaper if you’re on a strict budget to cut down on the photographer’s hours and not include these. I shall be at the first location of the day 30 minutes before I start shooting, this is to prep cameras, do final checks and rectify any unforeseen circumstances.

Do We Need to Provide You with Food?

It’s completely up to you whether you provide your photographer with food, but it’s the polite thing to do. They’ll be working 10+ hours for you and will need sustenance.

Ask your photographer what they would like, you can arrange for them to have a plate and sit at one of the tables or somewhere else, or you can put money behind the bar or give them a meal allowance if they’d prefer to cater for themselves. They’re unlikely to be taking lots of photos during the meal anyway as no one wants the moment they stuffed half a chicken supreme in their mouth caught on camera. I would require a meal during the full day package, but not during a half day package or an elopement.

Do I Need to Cover Travel Costs?

All this information should be clearly laid out in your contract to avoid unexpected charges. You will want to know if petrol or overnight accommodation need to be covered by you. Always expect that a destination photographer will require you to pay for travel and accommodation. I do not charge for travel in and around Devon, however travel expenses would be negotiable for out of county weddings.

What Will You Be Wearing?

I aim to fit in with whatever the theme or feel of the wedding is, smart casual, super posh suited and booted, I've even dressed as a cowboy before! You can let me know all this info when we have our pre wedding meeting.

What Time Will You Stay Until?

Weddings can be seriously long and your photographer is only human. Most photographers will leave after the cake has been cut and the first dance done, this is pretty standard, that being said the day does always run on and things do get delayed which causes a knock on effect all the way to the first dance. But do not fear, with our “last dance guarantee” we won't leave you hanging. We will tack on a free hour to our contracted time before we start charging for extra hours this is so you can concentrate on enjoying your day and not worrying about the logistics.

Can We Pay Extra If We Require You to Stay Longer?

Yes, after your free “last dance guarantee” hour, extra time is charged at £100 per hour.


How Much is a Second Shooter?

More expensive wedding packages will often include a second shooter as standard. This is another photographer who is there to supplement the photos of the first, usually by capturing different angles or being in places they can’t, like the drinks reception while the group shots are happening if the venue is particularly large or spread out. We can supply a second shooter for £350 per day.

Will Other People Be Able to Take Photos While You Are?

Even if you are happy for people to take photos during the day, your photographer might request that guests don’t during the ceremony. No one wants their walk down the aisle blocked by Auntie Alice ruining the ceremony shots whilst taking photos on her giant iPad. That being said, as it is me who has been hired and paid to document and capture the story of the day visually, I do “reserve the right to a shot”. That means I will literally step in front of Auntie Alice and ruin her shot if it means I will get mine! 

What Is Your Back-up Plan If You Can’t Attend on the Day?

People get ill and unforeseen emergencies happen. Do not worry though as I have a network of fellow professionals I can call upon if circumstances change unexpectedly. 


Do You have Back-up Equipment?

We don’t mean if our batteries run out (that’s just a bad, ill-prepared photographer), but sometimes accidents happen: cameras break, lenses smash, external hard drives get damaged. On the day I will be shooting with 5 cameras, two Canon digital and two film Pentax film cameras, and 1 spare Canon digital as a backup; a full mains run lighting rig with a back up silent petrol generator for location shooting. Plus several flash guns and modifiers. In 10 years of shooting weddings I have never been caught out by a lack of preparation or a kit failure that I could not solve in seconds.

Do You Have Insurance?

Yes we have both professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance to the tune of 2 million pounds. You can see the documentation on request.


Packages and Payment

How Much is the Deposit to Secure Our Date?

The deposit to secure your date is £100 or 10% of your package price, whichever is greater. The final payment for your shoot must be made no later than 28 days before your wedding date. All deposits are non refundable.


Will We Receive Digital Copies of All Images – and How Many Will That Be?

Most photographers shoot with digital, not film, but we shoot with both! so with all packages you can expect a full set of edited digital copies of your photos and some traditional film prints as well. All your images will be delivered in both high and low-resolution jpegs on a USB in a beautiful presentation box along with 36 digital 5x7 colour prints and 36 black & white 35mm prints. All your images will also be available in an online gallery. This enables you to instantly share your wedding photos with friends and family. As well as order extra prints. The amount of final digital prints will vary according to the package purchased.


Do You Offer a Printing and/or Album Service?

Yes we offer many extras such as albums, printing, and additional keepsake boxes etc, have a look at the “menu” for what is available and prices. As you will have license to print your photos yourself, you might be able to create something more personal and in your style by printing them at home. We do however use professional canon printers and inks that are unmatched for quality and longevity by any “home” shop bought printers.

Is Retouching Included in the Price?

Basic editing and retouching of your photos is included, if you would like drunken Uncle Derrick removed from the group pics that will cost you extra! But we can discuss your requirements as and when you need.

Can We Create a Bespoke Package?

Absolutely Yes! We are very flexible and no two weddings are exactly the same so just drop us a line using the contact form or give us a call on 07977899445 to discuss your needs.

How Long Will the Pictures Take to Arrive?

We will post a small preview of selected unedited images to your private online gallery within 24hrs of the wedding. Your fully edited digital images will arrive in an online gallery within two weeks after the wedding for you to view and download. You will receive your prints, usb stick, keepsake box and any other ordered products within 3 weeks of your wedding.

When Will We Need to Make the Final Payment?

We can arrange for you to pay for your wedding photography package in monthly instalments, full payment will need to be received by us no later than 28 days before the wedding date.