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Bideford - Devon

A Slightly Different Direction

Over the past two and a half years the Exposure Photography Gallery has been based in Mill st, Bideford. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time there, meeting photographers, printing and displaying their work, developing film and archiving all your cherished memories. We have restored hundreds, if not thousands, of old photographs  and delivered photographic workshops to just over one hundred people.  I am extremely proud of all the work we have done, but none of this would have been possible without you, the people that walked through the door and for this I thank you.

However, as a result of all the hard work needed to run the gallery and print space, my true passion and skill has been overlooked and neglected these past two or so years. I am after all a photographer and I miss taking photographs, I miss searching for the shot or planning for months for that split second the moment the shutter clicks, to create a lifetime's magic. I miss seeing the looks on peoples faces when they see the portraits I have shot for them, or the couple seeing their wedding day for the first time.

So, thank you all for all your support, from the beginning, through the pandemic, through everything, but the Exposure Photography Gallery is closing our Mill st venue as of the 1st of December. We will continue to trade online and all our services will still be available to some extent, with the addition of some new ones.

Wedding Photography

After a five year hiatus to complete my photography degree with Exeter College and Plymouth University, open and run the Exposure Photography Gallery and get married myself, It is time to return to one of my favourite genres of photography, the wedding. Exposure Photography is proud to announce our Wedding Photography Experience, enjoy professionally lit, high end fashion photography for your special day. See the updated website for details.


Environmental Portrait Photography

Bespoke and unique photography for individuals, couples and families. At a location of your choice with a full lighting rig to create and capture you in a way you will treasure and ‘wow’ over forever.


Corporate Work

We will be continuing our long standing work with our corporate clients, continuing our high quality product photography, we are also available for new projects and opportunities from all sectors.



We will still continue to run our Photo Restoration Service. Enquiries can still be made through the website and phone number, and as a result of a lot of feedback from our customers we will now be running a door to door pick up and drop off service.


Film Developing

We will continue to offer our extremely popular 35mm and 120 colour and black and white film developing service. We have arranged several ‘film drop points’ with local shops in the Bideford area so you can easily deliver and pick up your film and prints, all the details are available Here.


Workshops and Courses

Our workshops will continue but unfortunately the frequency will change due to other commitments. Again details are available Here.


Printing Services

Unfortunately, apart from printing the restoration work, our print services will cease as of the 1st of December.