Photo Restoration

Damaged photographs are a problem for everyone who cares about cherished family memories.

Professional old photo restoration presents them with a new long life for you to keep and love for years to come.


The Exposure Photography Gallery provides a professional, old photo restoration and colouring service with the fine craftmanship and assiduity of our highly skilled Retouchers.


Rips/Tears and Fold Damage


Photo restoration is a digital process, meaning your original photo is not affected in any way. Scanning your photo at a high resolution will ensure as much detail is retained. Fading can be reversed, damage can be repaired and even missing sections can be recreated. Restoring them back to their glory days!


Full Colourisation

Bring those family history moments alive with our black & white colouring service.


Faded Colours Enhanced


Are the colours inaccurate? The sun and Old Father Time can fade and change the colours and tones of a photograph over time. The overall photo or select areas can be colour adjusted.


Faded Prints Restored


Each photo holds a precious moment in history, which over time will fade and deteriorate. Faded photos can be repaired and restored back to their glory days!  


Element Removal


Remove unwanted family members or annoying objects from your favourite photographs. Add loved ones to those treasured memories. in our examples you will see a "first date recreated".


Staining and Mould Removal

No matter how well kept or loved a photograph is.... accidents do happen, drink spillages, water damage for a myriad of reasons, smoke and fire damage, mould and dust staining all can be reversed with our professional photo restoration services.

  • Correct Dull Colours

  • Correct Bleaching

  • Correct Colour Shifting

  • Remove Damages In Emulsion

  • Remove Water Marks

  • Remove Coffee Stains

  • Correct Contrast

  • Correct Overall Bleaching

  • Remove Minor And Major Scratches

  • Reconstruct Torn Pieces

  • Reconstruct Missing Pieces

  • Remove Small Dust and Large Particles

  • Remove Damages In Emulsion

  • Remove Minor and Major Cracks

  • Remove Blemishes

  • Remove Water Marks and Coffee Stains

  • Correct Contrast

  • Correct Dull Colours

  • Correct Image Tone

  • Correct Bleaching and Partial Bleaching

  • Correct Colour Shifting

  • Correct Exposure

  • Colorize Black And White Photo

  • Create Authentic Skin Tones

  • Create Authentic Colorized Shadows and Highlights